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Great job getting this done! I would say though that I’ve never met a parking payment experience I didn’t utterly hate. I wish Fastrak would offer an integration for local parking garages: scan on entry, scan on exit, charge the rate for the time in between, dispute resolution with cameras scanning license plates. I don’t want another app, ticket when you enter, pay when you exit, machines with no tap to pay, etc. Or even partner with the heinously bad Clipper system, at least you’d get a proliferation of cardholders more likely to use public transit.

Also on the point of the shuttle, I never used it because it always headed in the opposite direction from where I was to where I was going. Here an app based service would be essential: say “I’ll like to be in downtown in the next half hour or by 2pm,” and the shuttle creates an on demand route that works like an Uber Pool, asking you to walk a few blocks to align with faster streets for pickup.

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FasTrack would be ideal yes, but I'd be happy with individual meters that simply take ApplePay.

Admittedly having said that, I don't think I've ever seen a garage with individual meters per spot.

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